I’m Bruce Hyslop—a freelance front-end developer, author, teacher, and speaker who is passionate about the web.

Please feel free to reach out regarding any of the above.

Or, just to say “hello” (back).

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My Books

Other Writing-related

Multiple articles for my site CSS Makeovers (see below).

Copyeditor for A List Apart, a leading magazine in the industry.

My Work

HTML. CSS. JavaScript. Related tools of the trade. Performance optimization. Accessibility. Advocating for users. Leading front-end teams. Collaborating across disciplines. Client interactions. Scope evaluation. Scheduling. Risk management.

Client Work

Freelance clients have included A Hundred Years, BLITZ, HyperHyper, POSSIBLE, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Suzie Roth Design, and US Auto Parts/AutoMD, among others.

Previously, while at Schematic (now POSSIBLE), projects included those for ABC, Dell, Disney, FOX, ITV, Microsoft, Musician’s Friend, T-Mobile, Target, Telecom Italia, and dozens more.

Personal Projects

CSS Makeovers: teaches how to build a variety of layouts (including from popular sites) using CSS’s latest layout capabilities, with an emphasis on CSS Grid.

Revival Houses: aggregates movie times, ticket info, and more for Los Angeles’s premiere revival houses and repertory cinemas.


UCLA (undergrad), UCLA Extension, and Meetups.

UCLA: Taught seniors how to apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to their media thesis projects. Lessons were tailored to their projects’ needs.

UCLA Extension: Taught a six-week CSS course that I created.

Meetups: Volunteer for Girl Develop It Los Angeles as a TA and mentor. Volunteer for Learn Teach Code LA as a mentor. Ran a two-hour front-end code review session that focused on best practices (Nov 2017).